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Genuine Encaustic and Geometric Floor Files

Encaustic floor tiles were first developed in England around the middle of the 12th Century. The tiles were made by Cistercian monks for the decoration of their places of worship.This practice continued for some 400 years until the closure of the last monasteries, by Henry VIII, in 1540.

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Victorian Floor Tiles

Geometric floor tiles are part of Britain's heritage and were used originally to ornament medieval churches and monasteries and the homes of the aristocracy. Their popularity was enhanced in the 1830's when the young Queen Victoria came to the throne.

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Artworks Wall Tiles

Inspiration for these unique Artworks tiles can be traced back through more than 2 thousand years of civilization, to ancient Greece and Rome, for it was their art and architecture that was the basis for much of this exclusive collection.

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Handcrafted Collection Wall Tiles

Hand-crafted with a light touch field tiles, decorative boarders and inserts evolve from the process of refining raw clay, pouring and pressing, molding and shaping.

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Tiles Inspired by Journeys of Discovery

The designs for the Odyssey collection of tiles and matching borders have been inspired by places and styles from around the globe and throughout the ages - from a humble rug found in a Moroccan bazaar to majestic palaces, from rustic Turkish pottery to the lost civilisation of the Incas.

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La Belle Collection

An exquisite selection of hand-crafted tiles which will allow you to display the highest standards of design flair in both the kitchen and bathroom.

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